Masonic Lodges Requesting Assistance from the Foundation

The Masonic Foundation of Alberta will and does enhance the donations of Masonic Lodges in the Province of Alberta... the list and links on the "Charities" page will take you to the web sites of many of the groups that we have supported in their fundraising activities.

Lodges requesting Funding Assistance from the Foundation may download the application form by clicking on the "Funding Application Form" link below.


The Form when completed should be mailed to -
Masonic Foundation of Alberta
c/o Freemasons Hall
10318 - 100 Ave
Edmonton, AB. T5J 0A2

Alternatively, duly completed and signed forms may be e-mailed to -

Inquiries concerning the status of funding requests should be addressed to the Treasurer of the Foundation, as shown above, or to the President of the Foundation at Any other inquiries may also be addressed to the President.

The Foundation would like to encourage Lodges to consider charities that have lower "overhead" ratios so that the funds get mostly to the group of people they are intended to assist. We also (as referred to at the bottom of the "Charities" page) remind you that we cannot donate in any way to "Non-Qualified Donees" which are unregistered charities.

Our MFA District Representatives usually travel with the District Deputy Grand Masters on their official visits of the Lodges in their District.

If your Lodge would like a visit from a representative or more information please contact me at and I will come myself and/or put you in touch with your District Representative.